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Fencing Company Austin Describes Preparation for Fence in Winter

Apr 14

Winter is the most challenging season of all. Not only does it requires preparation for us, but it also requires preparation for things we use. Similarly, you should check your home’s the outside condition before winter comes. This also includes taking preparation for the fence. In fact, according to reputed fencing company Austin, you need to repair your fences so that they can withstand the winter season. Let’s concentrate on a few facts where you need to act.

Precaution Before Winter by Fencing Company Austin

Look for Weak Portions

If your garden fence is old or has been installed for a long, check for weak spots. Before winter, you have to repair those weak parts to make them durable for winter. For example, look for deep cracks (if you have wooden fences), find a rotten spot, decay spots, etc. If you cannot find such areas, consider fencing company Austin TX for an inspection. This is important because a weak spot won’t let the fence withstand the winter season. In addition, before it breaks down, you should repair your fence from the core.

Clear Dry Leaf/ Debris

The fence is not the thing you clean regularly. When you haven’t cleaned your fence for a while, there will be dried leaves debris all around it. These are not only odd-looking but also these block your area. So, before winter hits on the fence, clear the surrounding. Therefore, snow or melted water would pass quickly. Besides, leaves can hold the moisture and pass it to the fence. As a result, your fence will lose its longevity and durability. In addition, moist can lead to molds which are very bad for the fence. Although, an Aluminum fence cannot grow molds. But that might get corrosion. In fact, metal fences are not safe either. So, before winter, you need to clean the entire fence and its surrounding.

Painting or Waterproofing the Fence

According to fencing company Austin, the owner should paint their fences once a year. For example, the wooden wall needs preservation because it consumes moisture quickly. You can easily paint it or waterproof it. Besides, there are available oil, treatment materials, paint, etc., in the market. You can do it by yourself. So, before the winter season, you should consider re-treating your fences just to be safe.

Clean the Surrounding

Suppose you have big trees in the yard. So, there will be low-hanging branches on the fence. In fact, sometimes, a big branch is just upon the wall. Now, these scenarios are dangerous. Because if the wind blows a little higher, those branches can fall onto the fence. Therefore, you would have to pay high repairing costs. So, immediately check the surroundings and clear the branches that can cause damage.

Dig the Fence Posts Deeper

Usually, the experienced fencing company Austin TX digs the fence three feet deep underground. This approach is essential to keep the fence stand up in all seasons. Generally, fences are long in width. So, if it is not dug deep into the ground, little wind can blow the entire boundary. Therefore, before installation, measure the proportion of the width and dig according. In addition, you should check the post and its strength before winter hits it hard.

As we say, precaution is better than prevention! Yes, invest your money in precaution measurements and save a bunch of money from repairing. Not to mention, every fencing company Austin recommends the same.


Can fencing company Austin fix the fence in winter?

Of course, you can if the ground is not covered with snow. Basically, it is hard to identify the ground and dig because of the snow. But if there is small repairing required, that will not be an issue in winter.

Is fence repairing cheap in winter?

According to reputed fencing company Austin, fencing demand is a little less in winter. Therefore, the material costs and labor payments are also lower than usual. Although, most area-wise installers change differently. But generally speaking, the charge is standard.

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